Natural Remedies for hemorrhoids


If you are have been searching for natural ways of removing tonsil stones, this article will be of great help to you. The first thing you need is to understand what really this problem is, and what causes it. The medical name for tonsil stones is tonsilloliths and it occurs when calcium salts accumulate in the crevices and pockets of tonsils through a process known as calcification.

Tonsil stones have a white or yellow color and in most cases lead to bad breath and sore throats. When you find out that you have these symptoms you may look for various ways of getting rid of these stones. Some people may opt to go for a surgery but not unless they are large, you should not turn to such extreme and expensive measures for there are ways of curing the hemorrhoids naturally.

Garlic cloves, when chewed raw can remove the stones. Garlic has an anti-bacteria property which has been used to cure various conditions caused by bacteria and so they can remove tonsil stones. Chewing garlic several times every day can help weed out any bacteria that might be fueling solidification of materials in your tonsils.

Lemon juice possesses vitamin C which can help to remove your tonsil stones very well. Mix few tablespoons of lemon juice with a cup of warm water, add a little salt and to the lemon water and drink. When taking the juice, try to swirl the warm lemon juice around the affected areas before swallowing it. Try also to hold it in your mouth for about a minute, and then swallow. if you feel pain when doing so, you can try  oxycodone or hydrocodone for ease of the pain.

Your fingers can be of great help if you can reach your tonsils with them as you can scrape the stones out. However, you have to be cautious because when picking at the stones very hard can worsen the problem. If you successfully scrape out the stones, immediately gargle some salt water around your mouth to flush out any additional stone you might have loosened.

There are some essential oils which you should consider using to remedy this ailment such as lemongrass, myrrh, thieves oil among others. They are known to have anti-bacterial and ant-inflammatory properties that are useful for the condition. Adding few drops of these oils on your toothbrush every day can help. You can also try getting these essential oils in a spray bottle and spray them on the affected areas.

You can also start eating organic yoghurt as a natural method of removing tonsil stones. Unsweetened yogurt contains pro-biotic, a friendly bacteria needed by your body for removal of tonsil stones and prevent them from reappearing.

Poor oral hygiene is a common cause of tonsil stones. Apples can help remove these stones for they contain mild acidic content which act as astringent and help in cleaning of your teeth. In addition, as you chew apples they scrub your teeth and gums leaving them clean.

Other natural ways of getting rid of tonsil stones is through chewing of carrots, eating of raw onions which improve your oral health and taking fizzy beverages like club soda which will break down the stones like vinegar does among other methods. If your tonsil stones symptoms persist, it’s important that you visit your doctor for a professional attention.